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Big Bear Tree Works is a full service, expert tree service company. We offer tree trimming and pruning, removal of dangerous trees, stump grinding, cabling and bracing and of course, complete clean up after the job is finished. We provide residential and commercial tree services in Roanoke, Salem, Vinton and Botetourt.

Tree trimming and pruning: Trees can be one of your property's most beautiful assets. Sometimes, however, they can get a little out of hand. Expert pruning can keep your trees under control, promote tree health and maintain the shape of the tree to compliment your yard and house. We will never simply top trees which can be detrimental to the tree's health. Read more about that on our "Topping Trees" page.

Hazardous tree removal: As beautiful as trees can be, they can eventually grow to dangerous heights, become diseased and unstable or pose a potential threat to your house or other buildings. Removing hazardous trees can be a dangerous undertaking which should only be attempted by a professional with the proper equipment. Big Bear Tree Works can safely remove your dangerous trees and give you peace of mind during strong winds and storms.

Stump grinding: When we remove a tree from your property, we also offer stump grinding. Stump grinding will remove most of the stump and roots to a level below the surface so that it can be filled and planted with grass.

Cabling and bracing: Depending on the species and growing conditions, some trees can become structurally weak in places. Cabling and bracing th trees can support weak limbs and strengthen the tree. When a tree is healthy overall, it may make sense to support it with cables and braces to prolong the life of the tree or to diminish possible dangers that the weak limbs may pose.

Clean up: One thing that we at Big Bear Tree Works is known for is our clean up. We are very conscientious about your property and do our best to remove every leaf and twig after the job is completed. Read a few of our testimonials, almost everyone mentions the great clean up job.

If you have questions about our services or for a free estimate, call or contact us and see why we have become one of the areas most preferred tree services!